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Plasters & Bandages

Our availability of Plasters and Bandages is highly extensive and of a great range. They offer instant protection against further infections to open wounds created in a workplace and are suitable to many skin types. We offer all variants of plasters from standard, waterproof, blue food plasters and finger buddies in an assortment of boxes of 40, 60 and 100 sets of refill packets ensuring aid is always to hand. They're designed with a hypoallergenic, sterile material which forms easily around the required area to ensure mobility and improved comfort alongside a quick and easy application. Likewise, our Bandages offer firm support and comfort to injuries requiring a strong hold of pressure throughout the day. Our range include classic triangular bandages all of which are ergonomically designed to work with the user to remain comfortable and flexible whilst holding the joints in place. These sterile bandages are suitable to all environments and injuries with easy to use application and access. They're designed to prevent further pain and injury by stopping foreign bodies entering the body and assist the blood clotting process. An essential to any work environment first aid kit.
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