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The range of Earplugs offer unique comforting in ear protection. The disposable sets are available in boxes of 200 - 250, each one made with a polyurethane foam designed to slowly expand and adjust outwardly into the ear canal ensuring a classic and optimum fit that is uniquely shaped to ear user. Each one evenly distributes pressure to provide excellent levels of comfort and high attenuation when moving between high and low pressures of noise levels. All our disposable and reusable Earplugs are available in a range of vibrant colours to allow the user to be safe in the knowledge protection is being worn. We also supply a range of corded Earplugs for re-usable use. These are designed with a low-attenuating and economical TPE material that is pre-shaped for easy insertion and comfortable all-day protection that's ideal for movement between differing noise levels. Each plug is individually packaged in a hygienic storage container ensuring a sterile use every time. Also offered as mountable wall stations for multiple availability in environments of high quantity usage.
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