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Maxguard Product Range

As a brand Maxguard aim to ensure all their safety shoes are designed to adapt to all consumers and ergonomically tailored to suit each individual’s needs and requirements within varying labour environments.

The range of footwear products use a specific set of innovative materials to enable optimum breathability, lightness and flexibility. Managed by a highly qualified team of designers, Maxguard pride themselves on manufacturing safety sneakers built with optimum quality and style in mind. The latest technical standard and 'handmade' upper finish not only makes this range of shoes extremely reliable but equally unique.

Each range intends to offer comfort and durability in multiple conditions and resist wear on tough terrain. Each shoe has been dynamically designed to optimise its high performance standards even when in excessive use. Maxguard safety shoes and sneakers (or trainers here in the UK) are respected for offering 100% all-round foot protection and comfort.
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