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TraffiGlove Product Range

The Traffiglove innovative Traffisafe 3 colour coding system makes the process of using cut resistant gloves in the workplace as simple as 1,2,3.

Traffigloves are categorised as red (lower cut protection), amber (medium cut protection) or green (higher cut protection) depending on their performance on the EN 388 test for cut resistance.

At Intersafety we stock Traffigloves across the whole colour range, meaning that whatever function your business performs we will have a glove to suit your needs.

For low cut risk roles such as assembly line work, general product handling and warehouse work our selection of red Traffigloves are an ideal match. With a variety of coatings on offer amber gloves are perfect fit for roles where a medium level of cut risk is present including second fix construction trades, mechanical and electrical trades, steel fixing.

Finally, green Traffigloves offer the highest level of protection for higher cut risk industries, making them the best choice for tasks such as applying cladding, swarf and metal work and handling glass or sheet metal with cut edges.
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