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Riggers are an essential piece of footwear to anyone working in environments of potential hard impact and heavy duty manual labours. Our range of Rigger Boots are uniquely designed with this in mind and as a result are all fitted with a steel toe cap which is resistant to 200 Joules impact ensuring maximum protection to the foot against heavy falling objects. The Riggers' heavy duty triple stitching on the inner lining is specifically designed to provide maximum stability through long term wear whilst a padded inner provides added support to the entire foot/shin area without compromising performance. Our Rigger Boots are all manufactured from a triple phylon material which provides the Rigger Boot with anti-static, shock absorption and slip resistant qualities meaning they are an extremely durable set of footwear. Reduced moisture absorption through a breathable liner aids to their overall comfort during longterm use. Our range of Rigger Boots are all resistant to acids and alkalis meaning they're highly adaptable to many varying environments. A must have for any users work uniform.
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