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Safety Trainers

The Safety Trainer is an extremely comfortable and versatile piece of footwear. Our range of Safety Trainers are incredibly lightweight not only to wear but to transport too. This is essential when needing to move freely between varying degrees of environments and does not compromise on comfort. Similarly, each Safety Trainer is lined with the intent to not only aid comfort but increase the ventilation of the trainer ensuring moisture is not trapped within the shoe allowing for a more pleasant wearing experience. Some of our Safety Trainers are manufactured with a sturdy leather upper whilst others are built with a more flexible rubber and mesh outer. Each Safety Trainer has excellent slip resistant properties due to a rubber sole underneath alongside their other qualities such as resistant to abrasion and spills in the work area. A built in steel toe cap and midsole ensures each one of our Safety Trainers are resistant to 200 Joules of impact keeping the shoe highly durable under potential strenuous conditions of labour, enhancing the overall protection of the trainer. Comfort is ergonomically enhanced through a padded, removable innersole which ventilates and conforms to the users footbed individually. Each of the Safety Trainers on offer provide exceptional protection, durability and most importantly, comfort. A must have to any labourers uniform.
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