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Welcome to our new website. We have been working over many months to bring you this comprehensive update, and hope that you find the site easier to use. Over the next few weeks, we will be adding many more stock items, , so please let us know what you think, and get in touch if you can't find what you want.

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At InterSafety we are pleased to offer you PPE supplies from many of the leading manufacturers of industrial PPE, including Showa, Traffi Safe, Univet, 3M, Peltor, V12 and Moldex – to mention just a few. As leading PPE suppliers we are proud to be able to offer some of the highest quality workplace safety equipment and PPE industrial supplies in the UK.

As one of the UK’s leading safety equipment suppliers we provide your complete solution, ensuring that all of your safety equipment supplies are of the highest quality, offering reassuring reliability in even the toughest environments. As industry established suppliers of PPE we can help you to select the most appropriate safety equipment for your industry, and can advise on current regulations and legislative requirements.

Thank you for choosing InterSafety – you’re in safe hands.

Case Study

Norfolk Police recently purchased a number of 02UNI6X3 and 02UNI6X3.01 goggles and face visors for use in an anti-terrorist training exercise in Norwich. Says PC Wayne Stocking of the firearms team: "...everything else fogs up in 45 seconds", so the equipment is a significant contribution to defence in a highly sensitive operation.

What to look for in... Safety Glasses

From chemicals to heat, and from lasers to stone chips, your eyes are not only incredibly prone to injury, they are often exposed to a wide range of dangers. The wearing of eye and face protection is a requirement under the personal protective equipment (PPE) at work Regulations 1992, and it clearly makes sense to take the greatest care.

However, it’s also important to purchase adequate safety glasses. In particular, you will need to consider the strength of the material – clearly stone chips will require a more durable material than bright light, but you’ll also need to consider the type of material too. For chemical dangers you will need protective eyewear which is specially designed for this purpose, to ensure maximum protection.

We have PPE for your eyes which will offer the right kind of safety for the right job, with manufacturers including Aero, Uvex and Swiss One. Have a look through our protective eyewear and goggles pages, and let us open your eyes to buying the right safety equipment.

What to look for in... Work Gloves

Your hands often take quite a beating, from rough abrasive work to the dangers of powerful saws, from the heat of burning metal to the dangers of chemical spills. We rely on our hands for so much, every day, and yet they are constantly placed right in the line of fire, over and over again.

But simply buying protective gloves is sometimes not enough. We supply a huge range of PPE for hands, Showa, Impacto and Traffiglove, but we also like to make sure you’re choosing the most suitable gloves for the job. For example, it’s sometimes not appropriate to purchase thick gloves – even though you might require a good level of protection. Thick gloves can restrict movement and dexterity – and this only increases the danger.

We provide protective hand protection which is perfectly suited to a variety of tasks and industries, offering protection where it is needed, and reducing the thickness of the material where it is not, thereby increasing the flexibility of the gloves, and allowing you to get on with the job without restriction.

We’ve seen cases where workers removed protective gloves to do certain tasks because the hand protection was too restrictive, and consequently suffered a severe accident at work. Have a look through our protective gloves pages and get a grip on choosing suitable protective hand protection.

What to look for in... Spill Control & Spill Kits

It’s a fact of industry life that if it can spill – it probably will spill. Spillages do happen, and it is usually essential that they are dealt with not only quickly, but also appropriately. Not all liquids and spillages are the same, and the manner in which one approaches a spillage of water will need to be quite different to handling a spillage of oil. In certain cases a chemical spillage may require an entirely different approach again.

The first factor to consider is where spillages could possibly occur. Whether through human error, or a mechanical breakdown, spillages can, to a greater degree, be predictable. If water is present in one form or another, perhaps as either steam or ice, then there is a chance that, perhaps as a result of electrical failure, water may leak. The most common example of this is the simple freezer which, if broken, damaged or lacking power, will soon begin to leak, since it was unlikely to have been designed to be fully water tight.

Once a potential leak or spillage has been identified, then the next task is to analyse the nature of the substance and ensure that appropriate spillage control products are available close by. From absorbent booms to absorbent mats, from protective gloves to warning signs, it will be important to have the right equipment to hand for the right job.

Oil spillages can be difficult to deal with if you do not have oil absorbents available. Although oil may move relatively slowly, it can be hard to lift, and may increase the risk as it provides a slick, slippery surface. Special oil absorbent products can quickly prevent further spreading of the oil, provide a safe, non-slip floor surface, and absorb large quantities of oil, trapping it chemically so that further leakages cannot occur.

Similarly, water leakages or spillages should also be dealt with by using the appropriate absorbent mats and booms. By using absorbent booms, the spillage can be contained, providing you with more time to deal effectively with the problem. In any case, it is vital to have the most appropriate spillage equipment for the situation, and to have it quickly to hand.

What to look for in... Health & Safety Management Systems

Safety management is increasingly important within the workplace, with insurance levels becoming increasingly tough, and legislative consequences increasingly unforgiving. You are fully accountable, and it will be important to make sure that no matter how safe your industry and workplace might be, you can prove it, and demonstrate excellent methods and reliable systems which ensure completely transparent communications and protocols which are above any kind of misinterpretation.

One of the best safety management systems on the market is the Good To Go range of products, all of which work seamlessly together to provide a coherent solution which can be integrated across a wide range of industries and used within all manner of situations and environments.

From checklists to security tags, from signs to log books and status pods, the Good To Go Safety range of safety management products has been designed to combine simplicity, visibility and reliability.