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At InterSafety we are pleased to offer you PPE supplies from many of the leading manufacturers of industrial PPE, including Showa, Traffi Safe, Univet, 3M, Peltor, V12 and Moldex – to mention just a few. As leading PPE suppliers we are proud to be able to offer some of the highest quality workplace safety equipment and PPE industrial supplies in the UK.

As one of the UK’s leading safety equipment suppliers we provide your complete solution, ensuring that all of your safety equipment supplies are of the highest quality, offering reassuring reliability in even the toughest environments. As industry established suppliers of PPE we can help you to select the most appropriate safety equipment for your industry, and can advise on current regulations and legislative requirements.

Intersafety support South West Peak
Intersafety have donated PPE in support of South West Peak Biodiversity Action Plan

Says SWP: “Thank you very much for your generous donation.
The cut resistant gloves have already been tried out in hawthorn hedges and our hands are also very thankful of your generous gift.”
Helen Betts, SWP Vocational Training Officer,